Style Moment: Top 5 2014 Winter Style Essentials

Living in New York City means we have seasons, and as the seasons change so does your wardrobe. Each season requires various wardrobe pieces and accessories. In today’s post I’ll give a few suggestions on winter weather essentials 2014.

1.  Coat


Yes, I said coat! Not jacket but Coat. It gets way too cold and windy in NYC to play games and wear a jacket. That being said, just because you are trying to stay warm and not get blown away from the wind doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fashionable; there are various accessories to spice up a plain wool coat. Which brings me to my next style essential for winter 2014 which is…

 2.  Scarf

Also known as a snood to my UK friends, the scarf is essential to a fashionable winter look. In recent years, the circle/infinity scarf has been very popular. Not only do they look good, but they keep you very warm. The circle/infinity scarf can be found at virtually any store that sells scarves.

3.  Gloves

Having unique gloves can make or break a winter outfit. In NYC a set of leather gloves is a must! In addition to keeping you warm they protect you from all the nasty germs that linger around NYC. Also, half gloves are a great alternative to the old fashioned glove that is fun modern twist on keeping your digits warm.

4.  Boots!

Boots are a must have for winter style. They’re functional, warm, and stylish all at once! They are also a great way to express individuality through style. This year Booties or ankle boots have become very popular and can also play a double role in both your casual wardrobe and your work wardrobe.

5.  Sweater Dress

Last, but definitely not least, and my personal favorite, the sweater dress! A sweater dress is a top winter style essential because not only is it an entire outfit in one piece, but it also keeps you warm! Double win! Its also a super comfortable option for the winter, that can easily be spiced up with fun tights jewelry, and or a scarf.


I hope all of you all enjoyed my Top 5 winter style essentials.



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