Life Moment: How to Beat Seasonal Depression!

Its that time of year! the holidays are over and we are just left with cold temperatures and lots of snow. Here in the NYC area there is not much sun and everyone usually stays inside to get away from the snow and cold. This is also a time when a lot of people in the area start to suffer from seasonal depression.


 For those of you who do not know, seasonal depression is a type of depression where people with typically normal and mental health year round experience symptoms of depression during specific seasons, typically winter. Its easy for people to fall into this when its so cold outside, its constantly dark, and you’re on your grind going to work and or school everyday.

I’m going to talk about different  things you can do to help you deal with seasonal depression and enjoy winter!

1. Be Social

Make sure to keep in contact with friends and family. Don’t stay cooped up in your house or apartment alone. Spending time with your friends, family, or significant other doing fun things or just hanging out can help keep your mind occupied and distracted from some of the symptoms seasonal depression can cause.

2. Take care of your  body

People in the north east, like bears, go into hibernation during the winter months. This usually entails sleeping too much and eating lots of food that isn’t good for you. Especially since we  bring in the winter months with the holidays which is full of delicious but usually unhealthy foods. Taking care of yourself in terms of eating well and getting adequate sleep is extremely important it’ll make you look better and feel better!

3. Get out of your house!

This one is pretty straight forward. Just get out! whether you are going out with friends or just going for a walk or run. Make sure you get out of your house  or apartment for a change of scenery and to distract our mind from the monotony of your daily routines and being in your house.

4. Hobbies

I you do not already have a hobby find a new hobby or pick up on an old hobby. This will keep you interested and give you something to do when you’re stuck inside because of snow. This can also be a way to bring you and your friends together when you maybe don’t want to go out or spend money.


I hope this helps you to get over your seasonal depression and be able to look forward to spring! Thank you so much for reading and please come back next week for a new post!



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